DPO launched Organic Yogurt to penetrate health conscious consumers.


DPO introduce Organic Yogurt , a new product under  Thai – Denmark milk Brand called Morganicincluding two new flavours, the premium quality products  to seizehealth – conscious consumers. Expected to achieve a target revenue of 1 million Baht in the first three months and rise to 8 million baht in 2021.

Dr.Narongrit Wongsuwan, Director  General of  Dairy Farming Promotion Organization of Thailand ( DPO) said DPO has launched Morganic, a premium pasteurized organic milk under Thai – Denmark milk Brand entering the market which has got well-welcome from customers.  DPO  has developed more of new products and varieties to serve higher demand in milk market.

Organic yogurt is a new premium product underMorganicwith two flavours including natural and organic honey. This is the latest choice of premium quality product for health conscious consumers and families living in urban areas. 100% of organic yogurt produced from DPO’s organic dairy farm which is the first certified organic dairy farm in Thailand by Department of Livestock Development. DPO raised more than 400 cows with the production of 1,200 kg. of organic raw milk per day.  DPO remains attentive to select organic ingredients such as organic honey, from 100% non-chemical sugarcane and 4 microorganisms that are beneficial to the digestive system and adding a special microorganism from regular formula called Lactobacillus casei (L.casei) which tolerate with stomach acid that is beneficial to excretory system. In addition, Organic dairy have the other nutrients for healthy such as Omega 3,Omega 6 and CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acids) is higher than the general milk. And one of the most important is they produce in a certified factory by the Department of Livestock.       

The DPO organic yogurt under Thai –Denmark milk Brand Morganichas released on four main distribution channels including Thai- Denmark shops at TOT branch, the Marketing Organization for Farmers branch, Thai-Denmark tourist shop in Muak Lek district  Saraburi, as well as available in many supermarkets such as Villa Market, Max Value, Tops Supermarket and Home Fresh Mart.

Besides, dairy distributors such as Phu Ruea Organic,Por. Yosin co.,Ltd and Pure Milk 168 co by Por. Yosin theyhave door-to-door delivery service to home or office in the community.  DPO will accelerate marketing efforts and promotions to build product awareness and recognition which expected to capture larger market share faster on health conscious market.  

Initially , DPO 100% organic yogurt and milk expects to be the favorite and satisfied products for consumers DPO expect the sale volume will be at least 1 million baht in the first three months , with continually  increase to 3 million baht next year, and  rise  to 8 million baht in 2021.” Dr . Narongrit said.

Dr . Narongrit added 30% of organic milk from  DPO dairy farm  will be  processed for yogurt and the left of  raw material for Morganic milk. DPO added a gallon size as a family size from the existing bottle size. If consumers buy a gallon size, they will  get  cheaper price and serve whole families.

Thai- Denmark organic pasteurized milk product “Morganic” has a bright prospects this year. In 2017 , the total sale volume  was around 8 million baht. The sale target volume will be 19 million baht in 2018 and grow to 22 millionbaht in 2019.

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